High-resolution analysis of the pneumococcal transcriptome under a wide range of infection-relevant conditions

Rieza Aprianto, Jelle Slager, Siger Holsappel and Jan-Willem Veening
bioRxiv 2018

Expression Value
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200 400 600 800
Graph Width
600 800 1000 1200
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Nose (NMC) Trans, 5 min Trans, 60 min Trans>>NMC NMC>>LMC Lung (LMC) NMC>>BMC Blood (BMC) BMC>>C+Y NMC>>CSFMC CSF (CSFMC)
Fever C+Y>>NMC C+Y CSP, 3 min CSP, 10 min CSP, 20 min Infect, 0 mpi Infect, 30 mpi Infect, 60 mpi Infect, 120 mpi Infect, 240 mpi
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Selected Genes
Pneumococcal Genes

Nose (NMC) NEPGrowth in nose-like medium
Trans, 5 minNT5Growth in nose-like medium, transmission 5 min
Trans, 60 minNT60Growth in nose-like medium, transmission 60 min
Trans>>NMCNTNGrowth in nose-like medium, trans. 5 min, to nose-like medium 5 min
NMC>>LMCN>>LGrowth in nose-like medium , in lung-like medium 5 min
Lung (LMC) LEPGrowth in lung-like medium
NMC>>BMCN>>BGrowth in nose-like medium, in blood-like medium 5 min
Blood (BMC)BEPGrowth in blood-like medium
BMC>>C+YB>>CGrowth in blood-like medium, in C+Y 5 min
NMC>>CSFMCN>>FGrowth in nose-like medium, in CSF-like medium 5 min
CSF (CSFMC)FEPGrowth in CSF-like medium
FeverF40Growth in CSF-like medium, then 40℃ (fever-like) 5 min
C+Y>>NMC C>>NGrowth in C+Y, in nose-like medium 5 min
C+YCEPGrowth in C+Y
CSP, 3 minC03Growth in C+Y, CSP 3 min
CSP, 10 minC10Growth in C+Y, CSP 10 min
CSP, 20 minC20Growth in C+Y, CSP 20 min
Infect, 0 mpiI00Co-incubation with A549, 0 minutes post infection
Infect, 30 mpiI30Co-incubation with A549, 30 minutes post infection
Infect, 60 mpiI60Co-incubation with A549, 60 minutes post infection
Infect, 120 mpiI120Co-incubation with A549, 120 minutes post infection
Infect, 240 mpiI240Co-incubation with A549, 240 minutes post infection

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